Town History

The Town of Mallow was organized as a small settlement long the newly built Rock Island Railroad. The settlement was renamed after Henry M. Flagler at the urging of his daughter, who had taken a special liking to this area. Today, Flagler's many historical landmarks provide visitors with a sense of Flagler's strong history.

Second Central Schoolhouse

A one-room country schoolhouse that was moved to 4th Street from it's original location. It has been renovated and presently serves as a reminder of life during the early 20th century.

Town Library/Town Hall

Listed on the National Registry of Historical Locations, the Town Library/Town Hall was once an elegant hotel in the late 1800's. It was later converted into a hospital that was greatly needed out on the plains and owned by the pioneer of Eastern Colorado surgeon, Dr. McBride. It currently includes a museum upstairs with memorabilia from both the hotel and the hospital.

Hal Borland Room

Located in the Town Library, the Hal Borland Room celebrates the life and accomplishments of author Hal Borland, a Flagler native.

American History Room

Also located in the Town Library, the American History Room is dedicated entirely to history and funded by the Paige family.