Free Land Incentive Program



The Town of Flagler is on I-70, 110 miles east of Denver. Flagler is a farming and ranching community with a population of approx 650. There are grain elevators located in town owned by the Flagler Cooperative Association. The Town of Flagler is supplied natural gas by Aquila Inc; and electricity by KC Electric Co.


The Town of Flagler purchased 3 water wells last year to add to the existing system. With this acquisition the town now owns approx 480 acres of land. The land is being offered free to business or industry. The amount of land offered will be determined by the number of jobs the business will employ. This land is adjacent to the railroad. During the process of acquiring this land a bird seed plant planned on building on the site. They with the help of the town applied for and received a $500,000.00 grant from the State of Colorado to build a railroad spur. They later bought an existing plant and did not build here. The Town of Flagler would be willing to help a new company in the same manner.


The Town of Flagler has an excellent school system that has an indoor swimming pool. The town has the basic services, high speed and wireless internet, medical clinic, diner, restaurant, grocery store, hardware store, radio and electronic store, flower shop, gift store, bank, meat processing plant, two convenience stores with fuel, a library, a local newspaper, motel, and a very nice 9 hole golf course, two nice parks, clothing store, theatre, auto parts store, body shop, towing service, lawn service company, fertilizer company, several churches, bird seed packaging plant, fire department and ambulance service. The town has several clubs and organizations. There is a small airport just south of town. The town’s water, trash and sewer services are operated by the town.


We feel the Town of Flagler is very clean and friendly and has a lot to offer.


For more information please call Flagler town hall at 719-765-4571.


Doris King
Town Clerk
Flagler, CO