Free Land Incentive


Step 1: Review this information. (see all the tabs below and read each document carefully)

It will cost you start up capital for building and more to use this free land. The Town of Flagler will give the land if your business plan and financial application meet the criteria, and the town's people, through Public Hearing, agree with the Council that your business will be beneficial to the community and will offer employment opportunities. 

Step 2: Create a Business Plan (an example is on this page)

Your business plan should include an estimation and budget for construction, and start-up. You must also include a projected income and expense report for 5 years. If your business does not have a financial history (where you can provide a business financial affidavit, credit history and references), then you must provide a personal financial affidavit, proof of loans or lines of credit, and 3 years of personal tax returns for all owners with your submission.

Step 3: Complete the credit application, and sign the disclaimer.

The credit application must be for all potential business owners if the business does not have a financial history, and credit history.

Step 4: Provide drawings that are to-scale of your facility design, including the acres needed.

(there is a map below for reference of the land available)

In addition, please review the checklist at this time so that you are prepared to provide the detailed information should the Town Council give you the answer to proceed with the application process. This will also prepare you for questions that may be asked during the Town Council meeting. You will be given 10 minutes to provide a presentation on your business plan.

Step 5: Email the Town Clerk to coordinate your attendance at a Town Council meeting in person or via ZOOM to present your plan. Submit all your documents (see below) via email to, you may also submit questions to this email as well. 


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Example Business Plan